Charger Dry Batteries 60v 3.8A 32Ah Display battery percentage rapid fast charger

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To charge 5 batteries with the specifications you provided (60V, 3.8A, 32Ah), each battery has a capacity of 1920 watt-hours (Wh) (60V * 32Ah). To charge these batteries, you need a charger that can handle the voltage and current requirements.

Since each battery has a capacity of 1920Wh, and you have 5 of them, the total capacity of all batteries is 9600Wh.

Given that you want to charge these batteries at 320W, you can calculate the time required to charge them all:

Time (in hours) = Total capacity (in Wh) / Charging power (in W) Time = 9600Wh / 320W = 30 hours

So, it would take approximately 30 hours to fully charge all five batteries at 320W charging power.

As for displaying the battery percentage on an e-bike, you would need a display unit that supports this feature. Many modern e-bikes come with displays that show the battery percentage remaining. You may need to check the specifications of your specific e-bike model or consider purchasing an aftermarket display unit that supports this feature if your current one does not.


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