4S 12V 120A Protection Board 3.2V BMS Lifepo4 Charger Protection Board Balanced Protection Board

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4S 12V 120A Protection Board 3.2V BMS Li-Iron Lithium Charger Protection Board Balanced Protection Board
Overcharge and discharge protection to prevent overcharge and discharge of the . Overcurrent protection to prevent abnormal high current of
Balance protection, voltage balance, make life longer
Stable heat dissipation, stable heat dissipation of the aluminum substrate, safer
TVS safety protection absos anti-high voltage, reduces MOS tube breakdown, ultra-low internal resistance MOS
Suitable for most electric tools on the market, electric scooters, electric bicycles, electric tricycles, electric motorcycles, electric vehicles, electric tools, etc.Model: 4S120A balanced with the same port-3.2v
Continuous working current: within 120A
Momentary working current: within 300A
Charg voltage: 14.6v
Charg current: within 30A
Overcharge protection voltage: single cell 3.65V+/-0.025V
Over-discharge protection voltage: single cell 2.50V+/-0.05V
Short circuit protection: Yes (short circuit test is not recommended)
Applicable assembly: three strings of nominal 3.2V lithium iron phosphate batteries
Load : DC 12V within 1500 watts (actual motor starting current is less than 300A
Please note: Different batches, product appearance and color may be different, does not affect the use


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